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Finca Fatima, Mexico

Finca Fatima, Mexico

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A syrupy single origin coffee with notes of crisp apple and honey.

Light roast.

Our second lot from Veracruz, Mexico for the summer has arrived! Unique to coffees grown in Veracruz, farmers sell their coffee cherries rather than processed beans. Another novel characteristic to coffees from this region is their relatively low elevations that are compensated by the high latitude to slow the fruit growing process and ripening. When cherries grow and ripen slowly they produce more dense, flavorful, and complex flavors.

Ernesto Perez is a young farmer taking over the family farm. He is also working in his local community to improve income by advising on farm practices and operating a small wet mill. His delectably sweet yet crisp coffee is ready to fill your cup. 

Region: Coatepec, Veracruz
Producer: Ernesto Perez, Finca Fatima
Variety: Typica, marsellesa & garnica
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1250 masl

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